Steinbach Wooden Christmas Ornaments


Steinbach Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Steinbach has a rich tradition of creating beautiful collectibles from just wood, paint, and skill. Steinbach wooden Christmas tree ornaments may be the smallest items in the line of Steinbach collectibles but just as much care is put into them as any of the larger wooden creations. While Christmas tree ornaments are something that you usually only get to display once a year, it is important that they be special. 

Steinbach wooden ornaments come in an array of subjects from the traditional Christmas icons like Santa and Rudolph to the non-traditional like General Lee and General Grant. While each wooden Steinbach ornament belongs to a series, Steinbach also offers sets of ornaments to make your holiday decorating easy and give your collection a boost. Steinbach wooden ornaments fall into three general categories: traditional, themed and sets.

Traditional Steinbach Wooden Ornaments

No matter what your holiday theme may be, there is more than likely a Steinbach wooden ornament to complement your traditional holiday decor. From Santa and Rudolph to characters from the famous ballet, A Nutcracker Suite and A Christmas Carol, Steinbach has quite a variety of wooden Christmas ornaments from which to choose. Whether you want a tree full of Santa wooden ornaments from around the world or all the characters from the Nutcracker, Steinbach can help you decorate your tree in collectible beauty. Being a Steinbach wooden ornament collector also makes you easy to shop for any time of the year.

Themed Steinbach Wooden Ornaments

In addition to the traditional Steinbach wooden Christmas tree ornaments, you can also choose from a variety of themed wooden ornaments. From German festival wooden ornaments that celebrate Oktoberfest to the Storybook Collection that features wooden ornaments depicting the characters in Little Red Riding Hood, you can create a holiday look that makes you happy. Collectible Steinbach wooden ornaments will become a holiday tradition for many years and many generations to come.

Sets of Steinbach Wooden Ornaments

Steinbach makes decorating easy with their sets of wooden Christmas tree ornaments from Germany. From the 12 Days of Christmas to a Presidential series, you will have a matching set of collectible Steinbach wooden ornaments to add to your holiday decorations. While new Steinbach collectible ornaments are released each year, new sets that belong to a collection are released as well. Not only does this give you something to look forward to as an addition to your collection, it makes it easy to find just the right holiday gift for a Steinbach collector.

Whether you are a Steinbach wooden Christmas ornament collector already or would like to start adding these beautiful, ornate collectible wooden ornaments to your holiday trimmings, we can certainly help you find just the perfect ones for your décor. Steinbach collectible wooden Christmas ornaments also make beautiful gifts and can help someone else start their own Steinbach holiday décor collection.