Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers

Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers History

The Steinbach heritage dates back over 700 years and is attributed to the some of the finest artisanship in the world. Steinbach started their tradition building cathedrals in France and as times changed, so did what they put their talents in to create. Today, Steinbach Nutcrackers are some of the most sought after collectibles and possess the same quality of work and attention to detail that they have put into everything they have put their name to.

Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers are just one of the unique types of Nutcrackers that are handmade in Germany, just as they have been for hundreds of years. Troll Nutcrackers are not as short in stature as the name might imply, but are shorter at an average of 10 inches and stouter than the traditional Nutcrackers. Like the entire Steinbach Nutcracker collection, they come in a variety of subjects from traditional to themed and the always-popular Santa Nutcrackers. The smaller Nutcracker troll is a perfect way to start collecting Nutcrackers or just as perfect for those who already collect them to start a new set.

Traditional Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers

The ballet A Nutcracker Suite features a number of Nutcracker characters that are often looked at as traditional Nutcracker troll subjects such as the toy soldiers and guards. In addition to the characters from theNutcracker Suite, there is a variety of other Nutcracker troll characters in the traditional category. Many of these pay tribute to the German heritage of Steinbach such as those that feature woodsman, mountain climbers, and Oktoberfest characters.

Themed Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers

Many Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers belong to a series of a particular theme. From occupations to pastimes, there are Nutcracker trolls to fit these and a long list of themes in between. From bakers to train conductors to even gardeners, Steinbach troll Nutcrackers can be a lasting reminder of a favorite hobby, occupation, or person that is a part of your life. Steinbach troll Nutcrackers can also be given as gifts to friends or loved ones as a lasting reminder of how much they mean to you.

Santa Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers

Christmas is typically the time of the year that Nutcrackers are closely associated. This may be why there are many Nutcracker trolls that pay tribute to the most important person at Christmas time, Santa Claus. Steinbach has a large selection of Santa Nutcracker trolls that pay tribute to Santa all around the world no matter what name is he knows by, from Father Christmas to Sinter Klaas. A collection of Santa Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers also means that your family and friends will never be at a loss for your holiday gift. Santa Troll Nutcrackers given as a gift are also a wonderful way to get someone started on their Steinbach Nutcracker collection.

Steinbach Troll Nutcrackers have over 730 years of quality artisanship in each one. They are all hand carved and hand painted from offspring of the same trees used to make the first Nutcrackers many years ago. There are no two identical and this is just part of what makes these beautiful works of art such cherished collectibles. Whether a Steinbach Troll Nutcracker is your first one or the first one of a new collection, it is a collection to be proud of.