Steinbach Miniature Nutcrackers. Steinbach Mini


The Steinbach family has been creating works of art for over 700 years. From building ornately detailed Cathedrals in France to then having to fall back on their woodworking skills due to the unrest in Europe in the 13th century, their skill at creating handmade wooden works of art is second to none.

From the very beginning, they have held all of their creations to an extremely high standard of quality and workmanship. Today, Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers and other wooden collectibles are some of the most sought after items and are typically handed down from generation to generation. Many collectors display their collectible Steinbach Nutcrackers year round and not just during the holiday season.

Steinbach Miniature wooden Nutcrackers stand only 5.5 inches tall, but are just as highly detailed as the larger versions they are designed to copy. Nearly all the collectible Miniature Nutcrackers have a larger sibling in the traditional or large size Nutcracker series. This means that if you have a favorite Nutcracker but prefer smaller size collectibles, you can find the perfect miniature wooden Nutcracker to start or add to your collection. With such a variety of subjects to choose from among the Steinbach Miniature Nutcrackers, they can put into three general categories to help make choosing easier. These categories of Miniature wooden Nutcrackers can be put into three general categories: Traditional, Storybook and Holiday.

Traditional Steinbach Miniature Nutcrackers

The traditional category of Steinbach Miniature wooden Nutcrackers encompasses a large number of choices. Traditional subjects include any that fit into what most people think of when it comes to Nutcrackers like the ones in the famous A Nutcracker Suite ballet, such as the toy soldiers. Other traditional miniature Nutcracker subjects include those that pay tribute to Germany, the country where the Steinbach family originated. Some members of this series of miniature Steinbach Nutcrackers the many characters from A Nutcracker Suite including Clara herself, a German Beer Seller and Winemaker and a variety of other German occupations and characters.

Storybook Steinbach Miniature Nutcrackers

Many of the miniature Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers are part of a number of Storybook collections. Storybook characters include anything from those in the Sherwood Forest, such as Robin Hood, to characters such as the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood nutcrackers and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz nutcracker. These miniature wooden Nutcrackers let you collect your favorite childhood characters skillfully made into works of art to hand down through your family for generations.

Holiday Steinbach Miniature Nutcrackers

With Nutcrackers typically getting more attention at the holidays, it makes sense that there are a large number of holiday-themed miniature wooden Steinbach Nutcrackers. Whether you collect Santas or Christmas tale characters, Steinbach has a great selection of holiday miniature Nutcrackers. From the characters in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol to a miniature Nutcracker representing each of the 12 days of Christmas, you can decorate your home with beautiful Steinbach creations.

Each Steinbach Nutcracker miniature has nearly 750 years of skill and attention to detail put into it. While the Miniature Wooden Nutcrackers are the smallest of the Steinbach collectible Nutcrackers, they are held to the same high-quality attention to detail that every other Steinbach wooden collectible must meet. With no two Steinbach wooden collectible identical, your miniature Nutcracker is made just for you to become a cherished part of your collection.