Steinbach Full Size Nutcrackers

Steinbach full size Nutcrackers are a beautiful addition to any holiday display. Our collectible full-size Nutcrackers are hand-carved and hand-painted by artisans that follow Steinbach's commitment to quality and standards.

Our full-size Nutcrackers are easy to display on mantles, as part of the display under the tree or as part of a holiday centerpiece.The full-size Nutcrackers range in size with some nearly 18 inches tall or more. Our full-size wooden Nutcrackers are featured in a number of our different collections such as our "12 Days of Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol".

Our full-size wooden Steinbach Nutcrackers are a welcome addition to your holiday displays and are perfect for the Nutcracker collector. If you have any questions about our full-size Nutcrackers, please call us at 877-862-5750 and one of our customer service professionals will be happy to help!