2004 Steinbach Collection

Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers are hand-carved, hand-painted and imported from Germany.For nearly 200 years, Steinbach has been making these collectible wooden Nutcrackers with strict attention to detail and quality.  

Because Steinbach Nutcrackers are made in limited runs, we have pieces available from previous years. We have a limited number of 2004 Steinbach Collection Nutcrackers that belong to the "12 Days of Christmas Collection". This means that you can complete your current series, or start a new theme series. 

Steinbach wooden Nutcrackers are wonderful to collect for your home or to give as a gift to a special friend or family member that cherishes Nutcracker collectibles. If you have any questions about any of our items, please call us at 877-862-5750 and let us help you find the perfect Steinbach collectible.

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